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The book series Bernard Shaw and His Contemporaries from Palgrave Macmillan began in 2016. Since then 12 books (see below) have been published in the series edited by Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel and Peter Gahan. Famed as a playwright and wit, Shaw was a writer first and last. As a key representative in the first wave of European literary modernism at the turn of the twentieth century, he had a massive cultural, social, and political impact on his times. The series looks at the work of Shaw and well-known contemporaries—often friends or people he knew—to further a better understanding of the modern age. To date the books have focused on Shaw as Irishman, dramatic critic, journalist, political and social commentator, the intersection of literary art with advertising and economics, art appreciation, trans-national cultural influences, fellow playwrights.

Titles so far include:

Performance and Spectatorship in Edwardian Art Writing  Sophie Hatchwell (2019)

Bernard Shaw’s Fiction, Material Psychology, and Affect Steven Watt (2018)

Bernard Shaw and Modern Advertising Christopher Wixson (2018)

Lady Gregory and Irish National Theatre Eglantina Remport (2018)

Shaw’s Ibsen: A Reappraisal Joan Templeton (2018)

Crimes and Punishments and Bernard Shaw Bernard Dukore (2017)

Bernard Shaw’s Marriages and Misalliances (Ed) Robert A.  Gaines (2017)

Bernard Shaw, W. T. Stead, and the New Journalism Nelson O’Ceallaigh Ritschel (2017)

Bernard Shaw and Beatrice Webb on Poverty and Equality in the Modern World, 1905–1914 Peter Gahan (2017)

The Case for Terence Rattigan, Playwright John Bertolini (2016)

Bernard Shaw’s Bridges to Chinese Culture Kay Li (2016)

Bernard Shaw’s Irish Outlook  David Clare (2016)

The editors are always looking for interesting proposals for future volumes, so feel free to use the contact page to get in touch as well as make comments on the blog posts.

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